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Can you name the Call of Duty 4 5 6 Perks?

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Increased melee lunge distanceMw2
warns players of enemy explosivecod 4/ WaW
Two bombs sensory explosioncod 4
No red crosshair or name when targetedMw2
rocketscod 4
Allows class switching ingameMw2
Resupply from dead bodiesMw2
3 flash/stuncod 4/ WaW
Faster aiming down the sight or scopeMw2
extra ammocod 4/ WaW
Detect enemy explosives (Claymores and C4) and Tactical InsertionsMw2
3 fragscod 4
Climb ladders and vault objects fasterMw2
increase healthcod 4/ WaW
fast reloadcod 4/ Mw2
increase explosive damagecod 4
pull out pistol before dyingcod 4
No falling damageMw2
increase bullet damagecod 4/ WaW/ Mw2
increase rate of firecod 4/ WaW
Use your equipment when downedMw2
Increased explosive damageMw2
makes player unseen to enemy UAVcod 4
carry two primary weaponscod 4/ WaW
Makes Player invisible to the Heartbeat SensorMw2
Makes the user invisible to enemy thermal optics, and enemy killstreaksMw2
increase bullet penetrationcod 4/ WaW
sprint for longer cod 4/ WaW
Jams the enemy radar when they are close enoughMw2
Extra mags upon spawningMw2
drop a live grenade when killedcod 4/ WaW
reduces foot step noisecod 4/ WaW
Allows two attachments to primary weaponMw2
more steadying time for snipingcod 4/ WaW
hear enemy voice chatcod 4
2 frags stickies etcWaW
Increased damage from killstreak rewardsMw2
Hand held detinationcod 4/ WaW/ Mw2
4x quieter footstepsMw2
Killstreaks require 1 less killMw2
older motion sensery bombWaW
Quick aim after sprintingMw2
flame throwerWaW
Deathstreaks require 1 less deathMw2
Explosive damage decreased to playerWaW
Increased damage versus vehicles.Mw2
explosive damage increased to enemyWaW
effects of tabun gas decreasedWaW
Faster class switchingMw2
player doesn't get exposed by recon planesWaW
reduce effect of signal flaresWaW
fire from the hip increasedcod 4/ WaW/ Mw2
when trowing back a grenade the fuse resetsWaW
Delays enemy claymore explosionsMw2
can revive downed palyers WaW
resistant to fireWaW
4x louder enemy footstepsMw2
Gives the player the ability to see all artillery, dogs, and tanks on the mapWaW
Decreased turret overheating. WaW
Move fasterMw2
Increased turret rotation speedWaW
Increases the speed of the tankWaW
Allows two attachments to secondary weaponMw2
Boosts the firing rate of the tank's main firing cannonWaW
Breath can be held longer during snipingMw2
Allows the driver to use a coaxial machine gun only in the front of the tankWaW
Unlimited sprintMw2

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