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Can you name the characters in the Early Edition TV Show that were aware that Gary received tomorrow's newspaper today?

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Kyle Chandler's character
Gary's best friend & a regular cast member during the first two seasons
She became co-owner of McGinty's with Gary (appeared in every episode)
Lived in Indiana (appeared in seven episodes)
Also lived in Indiana (appeared in five episodes)
A regular on the show - didn't speak English
Was in Season 3 only - a love interest of Gary's
Was in Season 3 only (previous answer's son)
The man who got the paper before Gary
The man in the ____________ hat (one episode)
A newspaper reporter from Season 1 (two episodes)
Season 1 - the brother of high school basketball player Michael Williams
In a Season 1 episode, he plotted to kill the president
This character was in an episode with actress Marion Ross (Season 1)
In Season 4, this New Yorker made a trip to Chicago and met Gary
This New Yorker later made a trip to Chicago and met Gary, also

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