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Can you answer these trivia questions about the TV show Early Edition?

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The show was set in what city?
Where did Gary live during the first season?
At what time every morning did the newspaper arrive at Gary's door?
What kind of animal came with the paper?
What was the name of the newspaper that Gary received?
What was Gary's occupation when he began receiving the paper at the beginning of season one?
What was Gary's ex-wife's first name?
What was the name of the bar that Gary owned beginning in season two?
In what fictitious town in Indiana did Gary's parents live?
What was the name of the man who worked in the archives in the basement of the newspaper building?
What was the name of the man who received the paper before Gary began receiving it?
In one episode in season two, Gary was placed in isolation because he got bit by what kind of animal?
When Chuck left Chicago at the end of season two, where did he go?
When Erica & Henry moved back home at the end of season three, what form of transportation did they take?
What was the name of the detective who retired, moved to Idaho, moved back, and even tended bar for a while for Gary?
What was Detective Brigatti's first name?
Which detective's wife did Gary save from drowning?
In season four, Gary discovered that a man in another city also received tomorrow's newspaper a day early. In what city did this other person live?
What occupation does Patrick begin when he leaves McGinty's and moves to Oregon?
In two episodes, Gary went back in time. Name one of the two events he witnessed in doing so.
Who was the only person besides Gary to appear in every episode?

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