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Can you name the Dragon Age character that said each of these lines?

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''You have gathered an army to replace the one lost at Ostagar, Grey Warden. Let us pray... that it will be enough.''
(On the subject of cookies) ''Yes. We have no such things in our lands. This should be remedied.''
''Grey Warden or no, I will strike you down where you stand!''
''But the true abomination... is not that it occured, but that it was allowed.''
''Yes, swooping is bad.''
''Care to join in our... revels?''
''The darkspawn are an evil that must be destroyed, it's true. Though not as evil as the birds...''
''Sound... the retreat.''
''This is what's important! This has lasting meaning!''
''Hey, Warden! You gotta hear this one!''
''Then why all these delaying tactics? I call for a vote right now!''
''I am too old... to know mercy.''
''Dwarven crafts! Fine Dwarven crafts!''
''Oh, fine! Is that what you Fereldens do? Mock your prisoners? Such cruelty.''
''The Bannorn will not bow to you simply because you demand it!''
''What's surprising isn't that it takes so long between Blights; what's surprising is that they succeed at all.''
''And there are no beautiful, charming women in the cloister, you think? Oh, you would be wrong.''
''Mighty timely arrival there, my friend. I'm much obliged.''
''I am weary of the Grey Wardens' ceaseless need for men to fight the darkspawn, but it is their right.''
''Well, well. What have we here?''
''Why do we need ashes if we serve the risen Andraste in all her glory?''
''She is the Lady of the Forest! You will address her properly!''
''You need that evidence for the Landsmeet, but you also need a stronger candidate for the throne. You need me.''
''(Happy Bark!)''

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