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Can you name the four-letter and five-letter words in these parallel word ladders?

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Trumpet or cornet, e.g. 
Circle dance 
Mother of Hephaestus 
Aeneas, Gawain, or Batman 
Natural logarithm of one 
Eleatic philosopher known for his paradoxes 
Nevada's 'Biggest Little City in the World' 
Musical about Mimi and Roger 
Collapsible shelter 
What you're reading right now 
Call heard in a waiting room 
Home often built of twigs 
Yorick's forte 
What Aristides famously was 
What Aristides is now 
Song for Sonny and Cher 
Alexander Pushkin died in one 
Gasoline or kindling 
Ginger's partner or Wilma's husband 
Like some agents, markets, or radicals 
Gum or pistachio, e.g. 
Elephant tusk material 
The Kinks' drummer Mick 
Bugs Bunny creator Tex or 'DS9' star Brooks 
Prevent, as disaster 
Vigilant, wide-awake 
Not toward the right 
Like some rocks, chins, or palates 
Actor Montgomery or pundit Eleanor 
Actor-director Eastwood or singer Black 
Gleam, as in one's eye 
Ron Weasley portrayer Rupert 
It may follow fine, blue, or finger 
What some coats are made of 
'Common Sense' pamphleteer Thomas 
The only monosyllabic U.S. state 
French river and WWI battle site 
Chili con ___ 
Cut, as a roast 
The Hope Diamond is said to have one 
Boxer's prize money 
Analyze syntactically 
Vernacular insertion in a liturgy 
Not genuine 

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