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QUIZ: Can you name the works and authors that reference the Gate of Ivory and the Gate of Horn?

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In this epic, when Penelope has a dream about her long-lost husband's return, she debates whether it came through the horn gate of true dreams, or the ivory gate of false dreams.
In this philosopher's dialogue 'Charmides,' Socrates relates a dream in which wisdom rules human life, but admits he cannot tell if it came through the horn or ivory gate.
Surprisingly, when the hero of this Latin epic returns from visiting Hades and seeing the ghost of his father Anchises, he returns through the false ivory gate.
The above episode is echoed in this 1922 novel: when Leopold leaves the apparition of his dead father Rudy, Rudy is notably carrying a 'slim ivory cane.'
By contrast, this Thomas Kyd play opens with a prologue in which Don Andrea's ghost tells of returning to the world of the living through the gate of horn, guided by Revenge.
The 27th of this Roman poet's 'Odes' asks if he has been 'fooled by a vain image, which Sleep led through the ivory gate.'
Book 1 of this Edmund Spenser poem describes the house of Morpheus, god of dreams, as having 'double gates...locked fast, the one faire fram'd of burnisht ivory.'
This French satirist has Pantagruel explain that the gates of ivory and horn were influenced by a ram's horn talisman, worn by Egyptian priests of Ammon to induce true visions.
Book III of this English poet's 'Dunciad' ends with the couplet, 'Enough! enough! the raptur'd monarch cries, and thro' the iv'ry gate the vision flies.'
This American-born British poet refers to the horn gate in 'Sweeney Among the Nightingales' and the ivory gate in 'Ash-Wednesday.'
'Prime,' the first of this York-born poet's 'Horae Canonicae,' begins by describing a morning's awakening as 'the horn gate and the ivory gate swing to, swing shut.'
'Celephaïs,' a short story by this creator of the Cthulhu mythos, mentions 'the ivory gates into that world of wonder.'
This Irish wit's essay 'The Decay of Lying' decries loss of imagination: 'Why, even Sleep has played us false, and has closed up the gates of ivory, and opened the gates of horn.'
Derek Mahon's poetic homage to this 'Under the Volcano' writer praised his unflinching eye by noting that he 'did not confuse the Gates of Ivory with the Gates of Horn.'
'Through the Ivory Gate' was the first novel by this African-American poet, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her collection 'Thomas and Beulah.'

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