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Can you name the phrases or titles with adjectives that come directly after a noun?

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Fairy tale princess who shacks up with seven little men
The guy the aforementioned character is hoping to meet
Late-night sketch comedy show that possibly ruined Sarah Palin (and almost Ashlee Simpson)
1993 book and 2000 film starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie in which we learn where our aorta is
1980s cartoon and toy franchise with The Color Kids
2004 Wes Anderson film where you can explore with Team Zissou
Paraphrase of a famous quote that says Hell hath no fury like one of these
R&B pop group best known for their 1987 remake of 'Lean on Me'
A 1969 collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury that borrows the title of a Walt Whitman poem
1985 directorial debut of the Coen Brothers and acting debut of Frances McDormand
The oldest English-language encyclopædia still in print (ironically with a Latin title)
English folk song, dilly dilly, made famous by Burl Ives in the Disney film 'So Dear to My Heart'
Head nun or abbess of a convent
2000 film where the wily female bartenders juggle bottles and dance on the bartops
1970s-80s National Geographic series about anatomy, or a rather common category on 'Jeopardy!'
American 'fast-casual' Tex-Mex restaurant started in Southern California, not in the North, amigo
2004 fantasy film starring Anne Hathaway as a girl given the 'gift of obedience'
Sleeping bugler of nursery rhyme fame
French for 'deadly woman,' this could describe Carmen, Nikita, or Salome
1897 novel by Rudyard Kipling where a rich boy learns to work on a boat
Astringent shrub often used in skin remedies, or a Looney Toons sorceress
2007 Sophie Ellis-Bextor album, or to dance nimbly in old slang
1975 classic children's novel or 2002 Disney film about the risks of immortality
Famous 1858 speech made by Abraham Lincoln, including a quotation from Matthew 12:25: 'A ... against itself cannot stand'
Parisian can-can cabaret in Pigalle, or a 2001 musical drama starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman
2012 western film by Quentin Tarantino about a freed slave
A person legally empowered to witness and authenticate documents and administer oaths
An all-out fight usually involving many combattants

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