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Title of a song and season one finale of Dexter
The number of models of Cylons in Battlestar Galactica
In True Blood this is Bill's favorite blood type
Quinn's baby's name and Kiss song in Glee
In Rome, Lucius Vorenus forms an unlikely friendship with
Half-Brachen who died in Angel season 1
The year Deadwood season 1 takes place in
President in 24 before Charles Logan
Name of the Yellow Eyed Demon in Supernatural
The numbers from Lost
Sylar from Heroes' real name
Doctor Who's famous tool
Michael Vartan played him in Alias
Caroline in Wonderfalls can talk to...
Chuck's theme song
The ship in Farscape is named:
Died two times in Torchwood
Female Star Trek Voyager Captain
In Flight of the Conchords he is Murray's only friend besides Bret and Jermaine
The setting of HBO's The Wire
Died in the first episode of Six Feet Under
A common second language in the world of Firefly
First episode of Buffy that Oz appeared in
Fight the Future comes before this season of The X-Files
Animal that ate Buster's hand in Arrested Development
The majority Carnivale's episode titles are these
The main character of Dead Like Me is killed by this
Android and cranky librarian from The Middleman
Amount of time Ned in Pushing Daisies has upon touching the dead before someone else dies in return
Clarke's best friend in Smallville

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