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What Led Zeppelin album was released in 1975?
What year was Led Zeppelin formed?
John Paul Jones is featured in 'The Battle of Evermore' playing what instrument?
What is the most famous/iconic Led Zeppelin song?
What album is the song 'Stairway to Heaven' on?
How many band members are in Led Zeppelin?
What band was Jimmy Page in before Led Zeppelin?
What year did Led Zeppelin play at MSG?
What year did Led Zeppelin release the album 'In Though The Out Door'?
How many studio albums did Led Zeppelin record?
How many times did Led Zeppelin go on tour in the United States?
Who was Led Zeppelin's manager?
What year did Robert Plant's son Karac die?
Who is the guitarist?
Who is the lead singer?
Who is the bassist?
What brand is Jimmy Page's Les Paul Guitar?
What year did John Bonham die?
In 'Dazed and Confused' what kind of guitar pedal was used in the intro/beginning of the song?
Who is the drummer?

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