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A1 The Tag Team Who Like To Delete Are In B4
A2 One Half of The Bromans is in C2 1 Time X Division Champion
A3 The Knockout Who's Finishing Manouver Is AK47 Is In B5
A4 The Wrestler Who's Initials Are B.S. Is In D2
A5 The TNA Wrestler With The Finishing Move Spear Is In A1
B1 Matt Hardys Son Is In A2
B2 The Tag Team Lead By Al Snow Is In A3
B3 The Commentator/ TNA Interviewer Who Hosts The Spin Cycle Is In C3
B4 The DJ Who's Name Is Zema Ion Is In D5
B5 The Wrestler Who Was Formerly Known As Damien Sandow In WWE Is In D3
C1 The TNA Wrestler Who's Billed From The Tap End Of Stevenson Is In B3
C2 2016 TNA Hall Of Fame Inductee Is In D1
C3 The TNA Tag Team Which Shares The Name With An Animal Is In D4
C4 The Signature Match Of The X Division Is In B2
C5 The X Division Wrestler Who's Tag Line Is ' Time To Fly ' Is In A4
D1 The TNA President Is In A5
D2 The Bromans Guru Is In C1
D3 The TNA Chairman Is In C5
D4 The TNA Stable In Which All Three Members Wear Face Paint Is In B1
D5 The TNA Tag Team Lead By Gregory Shane Helms Is In C4

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