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Can you name the answers to these questions regarding classic rock lyrics?

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According to Janis Joplin, what is another word for nothing left to lose?
If Bob Seger ever gets out of here, where will he go?
According to Tommy Tutone, what is Jenny's number?
According to the Rolling Stones, who did the devil kill in Saint Petersburg?
Beyond what has Elton John decided his future lies?
On what day of the week does the Piano Man take place?
What baseball position does John Fogerty want to play?
Who has put a devil aside for Freddie Mercury of Queen?
According to Yes, being an owner of a lonely heart is better than being what?
The Hotel California hasn't had wine since what year?
According to John Mellencamp, where in America did Jack and Diane grow up?
According to The Joker, what name do some people call Steve Miller?
Why did Johnny Cash shoot a man in Reno?
In Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds, to what are the girl's eyes compared to?
According to the Grateful Dead, at what time does Casey Jones's old engine leave Central Station?
According to Cream, what color are the curtains in the White Room?
What does Paul Carrack of Squeeze say to his reflection in Tempted?
According to Heart, what does the Magic Man say (with a smile) to Ann Wilson?
In Mr. Tambourine Man, what can Bob Dylan not do?
In Rock and Roll Band by Boston, what two things are everybody anticipating?

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