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Can you name the Name the characters from Marvel Future Fight?

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Forced Order
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The amazing friendly neighborhood
He has adamantium skeleton
Language !
Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist
For Asgard !
Blasts lasers with his eyes
Smash !
The weather witch
Better clench up, Legolas
Avatar of the Phoenix
Blue and furry X-Men
X-Woman, don't touch her
Russian spy
Is it too late to change the name ?
You've just been STUNG !
He came to bargain
Master of magnetism
Programmed by Ultron
He's a very big guy
Blind Lawyer
US airforce pilot
Sweet Christmas !
King of Wakanda
Big green lawyer
God of mischief
Oscorp CEO
Has 4 tentacles
Asgardian armor
Head of a criminal organisation
Stark's best friend
Inhumans queen
Black symbiote
The living weapon
On your left !
Possessed by the spirit of Zarathos
The only destroyer
Most dangerous woman in the universe
The daywalker
One bullet, one shot
Leader of the Thunderbolts
Spidey's enemy made of sand
Sister of Medusa
Cat friend of Jessica Jones
Spidey's enemy, flying sinister six
What is a 'raccoon' ?
Hail Hydra !
King of Attilan
Love interest of Hawkeye
Love interest of Doctor Strange
Spidey's enemy with a horn
Big armor named Veronica
Dark dimension ruler
Has a squirrel named Tippy-Toe
There is only one path to peace... your extinction.
Young archer Avenger
Doctor Strange's sidekick and valet
Sorceress Amora
Leader of the Ravagers
Spidey's enemy, the hunter
Sidekick of Captain America during WWII
Has the infinity gauntlet
The son of J'son from Spartax
He once killed Elektra
Daredevil's love interest
Vilain that can absorb what he touches
Kree accuser
I am...
Serial killer, ennemy of Spidey
The dashing
The grim
The voluminous
Evil brother of Black Bolt
Female member of the Thunderbolts
Member of squadron supreme
Female asgardian warrior
Has lost his legs in a war
New inhuman on fire
Spidey's enemy illusionist
A young avenger Skrull
Has been resurrected by Khonshu
Son of the Scarlet Witch, member of the young avengers
The allfather
Big head, member of AIM
Shield agent, love interest of Captain America
Ant Man's nemesis
Thief, Spidey's love interest
Space pirate, ennemy of the guardians of the galaxy
Inhuman expert in martial arts
Luke Cage's love interest
Shield's agent, he's not really dead
King of the dark elves from Svartalfheim
Flaming skull in a car
Shield's agent, daughter of Mr Hyde
Inhuman warrior
Has been bite by the same spider than Spider-Man
Mercenary of Hydra
Russian scientist who hates Tony Stark
Doctor Strange's nemesis
Inhuman who has taken Carol Danvers' alias
General from the black order of Thanos
Goddess of Hel
Member of the black order of Thanos, has a spear forged in a star
Empathic guardian of the galaxy
Big guy from the black order of Thanos
She's a telepath in the black order of Thanos
Genius from the black order of Thanos
Son of Satan
Webhead from the future
Daughter of Satan
New Marvel NOW! Iron Man
Sorceress, member of the runaways
She's got her power from an amulet
Daughter of the Red Skull
Drummer of The Mary Janes
Wife of the Absorbing Man
Project centipede
Asgardian member of the guardians of the galaxy, sister of Thor
Member of the howling commandos
He's the 7th smartest person
The troll, enemy of Thor
Inhuman, friend of Daisy Johnson
Ultimate, from the spiderverse
Child who has Devil Dinosaur as a pet
Inhumans arch nemesis
She's a vampire slayer
Love interest of Thor, worthy of Mjolnir
A-Force member found by Nico Minoru
Daughter of Captain America
Deadpool version of Gwen Stacy ?
Woman who has a bionic arm
Master of Kung Fu
Doctor Strange's mentor
Main villain in Doctor Strange movie
Kid that summons monsters

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