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tobacco poisoning
blood-sucking insect; gad-fly
short-sleeved garment worn over armour
striped watered silk and satin fabric
plain-woven silk taffeta fabric
wasting away; emaciation
auditor; carrier of letters
ornamental container for storing Communion bread and wine
of, like or pertaining to a tabernacle
wasting; shrivelling
wasting; consumptive; producing tabes
silk and wool wool watered fabric
mental image or picture; plate-like surface or object
apron; part of dress resembling an apron
language typical of tabloid journalism
light medieval drum buckled onto the player's chest
low stool; embroidery frame
things not to be mentioned
instrument for rapidly measuring survey points on a map
painting by smearing or splattering
instrument for rapidly showing images on a screen to test perception
instrument for recording speed of rotation
instrument for measuring speed rotation
measurmemt of speed
abnormally rapid or voluble speech
early cinematograph
of evolution, at a rate faster than normal for a group of plants or animals
contact; touch
instrument measuring sense of touch
of, like or pertaning to derived from the sense of touch
band; tapeworm; fillet
killing of tapeworms
like a ribbon or tapeworm
of a ribbon-like shape
thin glossy silk
rail round the sterm of a ship
ancient divination method of Scottish Highland
analysis of arrangement of spoken elements
wild Asia goat with shaggy reddish coat
tin foil used as backing for mirror; thin tin plate
crown or head dress
heavily built Himalayan goatlike ruminant
pain in heel or ankle
ankle-length robe
of, like or pertaining to or reaching the ankles
walking on the outer side of the foot
retributive; like for like
one with a club-foot
feudal tax of a lord on tenants; any tax or toll
mole or similar mark on the body
rock detritus or debris at the base of a slope
arboreal New World anteater with hairless tails
water buffalo
sloping buttress or fortification
guitar or mandolin of the Balkan region
thin glazed worsted
thin wool
protective plug placed in mouth of gun or cannon
pincer-like instruments of torture
two-seated carriage with horses harnessed series
succession by previously elected relative
a person fit for college
locked case used to hold wine bottles
share of profits or royalties
at full gallop; headlong
one who bears a taper during religious procession
fear of being buried alive
vertical movement of the earth's crust
use of degrading or diminutive diction regarding a topic
use of light taps in massage
central ridge of the breastplate of armour
senseless talk; deception; nonsense
four-wheeled carriage mounted on poles
fast violent Italian folk dance
irresistible urge to dance
hysteria suffered by a man
speaking slowly
thin sheer stiff cotto
small wild horse of southern Russia
act of tarrying or delaying; procrastination
of the quality or consistency of tar
beliefs about hell or the underworld
instrument for measuring stress in a structure
instrument for measuring changes in pressure
one of a series of armour plates that go around the hips like a skirt
wine taster
experimentation; trial and error
tattered; ragged; scarecrow-like
fabric with a small checked pattern
of, like or pertaining to a bull
killing or killer of a bull

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