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Defeat of villainGame Name Culprit's Name
Tries to run away but is caught by police
Hit by a mine cart and falls in mud
Prevented from leaving room by another character
Crashes car into pie truck
Tricked into recording a confession
Knocked unconscious with an air tank
Caught by a security guard
Tricked into stealing blank documents; presumably arrested
Surrenders when a gun is pointed at them
Crashes snowmobile and is injured
Falls through trapdoor into dungeon
Saved from burning house by Nancy (or dies)
Non-fatally electrocuted
Defeat of villainGame Name Culprit's Name
Hit in face with sign and falls through trapdoor
Drops treasure into swamp and gives up
Bright light flashed in face
Nancy escapes cave before they do
Arrested while trying to give news report
Trapped under falling metal cage
Trapped under falling chandelier
Knocked unconscious by another character with a wrench
Falls down hole onto ledge
Locked in underground well
Falls off stairs into dungeon
Car crashes during storm
Worn out after Nancy blocks all their punches

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