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Can you name the Stage mothers?

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Can you name the 'stage' motherName/Title
Van Druten's 'memory' play
Sally Bowle's request
Abba's matriarch
Stage mom who gets her 'turn'
Desiree's formerly promiscuous mum
L'il Abner's pugilistical mother
On This Island's maternal promise
Peter Pan's 'mother'
Brecht's matricarch and her offspring
Courier's entreaty from 1776
Can you name the 'stage' motherName/Title
Mother to Tzietel, Hodel and Chava
Character in Into the Woods who gets a 'rap' for having a big mouth
Dolly Levi extolls the virtue of this profession and encourages us to 'March, March, March'
The VonTrapp's musical stepmother
Tragic Blood Brothers mum who looked like Marilyn Monroe
Hairspray's bigger than life mom who's a bit of drag
King's adaptation flop with the overbearing mother from Hell
Cosette's mom
Ghostly mom who's eyes are remembered in the Secret Garden
Assassin mother of four

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