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Can you name the cities A-Z that I've visited, given the hints below?

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If you want to visit the red light district or one of the ubiquitous coffee shops, this is the place to go A
This Belgian city was named by Norwegian Vikings, given a name that meant 'landing stage' or 'port'B
The 'windy city'C
The 3rd largest city in the southernmost country at the 2nd largest continentD
It's hard to avoid hearing bag pipes in this cityE
The 5th largest city in GermanyF
The birthplace of Christopher Columbus (though disputed)G
The capital of the country named Suomi by its nativesH
This small Australian city lies about an hour drive south west of Brisbane. There's also an English soccer club playing in the Championship bearing this nameI
The largest city in its country, right now getting ready to host the soccer world cup 2010J
The name of this Asian capital can be translated as 'muddy city'K
The name of this capital is the same as its countryL
The Kremlin lies in the heart of this cityM
Founded by Romans in the 2nd century AD, this city is situated north-east in EnglandN
Capital previously known as 'Christiania'O
In this European capital you can see the Charles Bridge and the St. Vitus CathedralP
I'm missing a city starting with this letter. But for the fun of it; name a capital starting with QQ
4- letter capital (and it's not Rome)R
The 'Lion City'S
2nd largest city in the state of OklahomaT
The oldest university in Scandinavia is located in this Swedish cityU
The 'City of Canals' is slowly sinkingV
The only capital in Europe starting with WW
I'm missing a city starting with this letter too. But for the fun of it; name the 4- letter Chinese city where the Terracotta Army was builtX
There's a newer version of this city in the USY
The world's only capital starting with ZZ

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