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Who are the only two athletes each to win gold medals in the same individual event in four consecutive Olympics?
01A - Michael Phelps & Dawn Fraser
01B - Raw Ewry & Paavo Nurmi
01C - Bonnie Blair & Aladár Gerevich
01D - Al Oerter & Carl Lewis
Most African countries boycotted the 1976 Montreal Olympics because the IOC refused to sanction what participating country?
02A - Cuba (armed intervention in Angola)
02B - New Zealand (rugby tour of South Africa)
02C - Uganda (genocide by Idi Amin)
02D - Argentina (World Cup planning dispute)
Marie Provazníková, a women's handball competitor, was the first athlete to do what at the Olympics?
03A - Defect to the West
03B - Compete while pregnant
03C - Die during an event
03D - Be disqualified for steroid use
What famous person placed fifth in the Olympic pentathlon in 1912?
04A - Charles de Gaulle
04B - Jonas Salk
04C - Benito Mussolini
04D - George S. Patton
The 1956 Summer Olympics were hosted by Melbourne, except for the portion held in what European city?
05A - Budapest (fencing governing body dispute)
05B - Oxford (request of Elizabeth II)
05C - Stockholm (horse quarantine laws)
05D - Munich (lack of gymnastics judges)
Which was a real event involving animals in the 1900 Olympics?
06A - Single-shot running deer
06B - Bull riding
06C - Poodle clipping
06D - Live pigeon shooting
Alfred Gilbert, who won a gold medal in the pole vault in 1908, invented what?
07A - Erector set
07B - Pop-up toaster
07C - Jell-O
07D - Etch A Sketch
Which country didn't win an Olympic medal of any kind until 1984?
08A - Brazil
08B - China
08C - Australia
08D - Kenya
Who is the only two-sport athlete to win gold medals in both Summer and Winter Olympics?
09A - Jacob Thams (ski jumping & yachting)
09B - Nikolai Panin (luge & pistol)
09C - Eddie Eagan (boxing & bobsleigh)
09D - Christa Luding (cycling & speed skating)
Which sport had to be excluded from the 1912 Stockholm Olympics?
10A - Yachting (Baltic Sea was too rough)
10B - Boxing (forbidden by Swedish law)
10C - Golf (no suitable courses)
10D - Judo (no country sent a team)
Though held since 1896, what is the only men's track and field event in which a world record has never been set at the Olympics?
11A - Discus throw
11B - Pole vault
11C - Marathon
11D - 800 meters
What famous person was the only Olympic gold medalist to run for U.S. President as a third party's nominee?
12A - Geena Davis (archery)
12B - Merle Haggard (shot put)
12C - Benjamin Spock (rowing)
12D - Norman Mailer (boxing)

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