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The Total PackageTTP
Big Poppa PumpBPP
Big SexyBS
The Nature BoyNB
The Heartbreak KidHBK
The GameGAME
The Texas RattlesnakeTEX
The People's ChampTPC
The CripplerCRI
The DeadmanDEA
The Big Red MonsterBRM
The Whole Dam ShowWDS
The Straight-Edge SaviorSES
The World's Strongest ManWSM
The Legend KillerTLK
The Charismatic EnigmaCHA
The Rated-R SuperstarRRS
The HitmanHIT
The Olympic HeroOLY
The Giant KillerGK
The Extreme HorsemanEXH
World's Largest AthleteWLA
The MastodonMAS
Double JJJ
The IconICON
Hustle, Loyalty & Respect SoldierHLRS
The EnforcerENF
The Chick MagnetTCM
The PhenomenalPHE
The Man Who Will Not DieMWND
Shawn MichaelsMichaels
Kevin NashNash
Rob Van DamRVD
Triple HHHH
John CenaCena
AJ StylesStyles
Jeff HardyJeff
Chris BenoitBenoit
Lex LugerLuger
The MizMiz
Chris JerichoJericho
The UndertakerTaker
The RockRock
Randy OrtonOrton
Big ShowShow
Ric FlairFlair
Mark HenryHenry
Bret HartHart
Steve AustinAustin
CM PunkPunk
Matt HardyMatt
Steve CorinoCorino
Scott SteinerSteiner
Arn AndersonAnderson
Kurt AngleAngle
Daniel BryanBryan
Jeff JarrettJarrett
Rey MysterioMysterio
Hulk HoganHogan
Version 1V1
The King Of KingsKING
One Of A KindOOAK
The Wrestling MachineTWM
The Awesome OneTAO
The GiantGIA
Wrestling GodWG
The Second City SaintSCS
The NarcissistNAR
The Apex PredatorTAP
The Best There Is ... Was ... Ever Will BeBTI
The Rainbow-Haired WarriorRHW
Big Daddy CoolBDC
The Brahma BullTBB
The American DragonTAD
The Ultimate OpportunistTUO
Double AAA
Stone ColdSC
The Ayatollah Of Rock 'N' RollaARNR
The Genetic FreakTGF
American Bad AssABA
The Chosen OneTCO
The King Of Old SchoolKOS
Doctor Of ThuganomicsDOT
The CrowCROW
Mr. WrestleManiaMRWM
The Rabid WolverineRW
Sexual ChocolateSEX
The ImmortalIMM
The Devil's Favourite DemonDFD
500-Pound Love Machine500
The Master Of The 619619

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