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Can you name the players to score a triple double in the NBL?

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Season (Team)PlayerExtra Info
1982 (St. Kilda)16pts, 10reb, 11ast vs. Illawarra
1983, 85, 94 (West Adelaide, Brisbane)3 times, vs. Newcastle/Hobart/Adelaide
1984 (Frankston)16 pts, 14reb, 10ast vs. Coburg
1984 (Brisbane)19pts, 14reb, 12ast vs. Frankston
1984, 87 (Devonport, Geelong)4 times, vs. Coburg/Perth/Newcastle
1985 (Perth)26pts, 18reb, 12ast vs. Illawarra
1985 (Sydney)19pts, 18ast, 11stl vs. Melbourne
1986 (Sydney)26pts, 19reb, 10blk vs. Melbourne
1986 (Newcastle)35pts, 14reb, 10ast vs. Melbourne
1986, 89, 01-02, 02-03 (Melbourne)4 times, vs. Syd/Hobart/Canberra/Victoria
1987 (North Melbourne)33pts, 15reb, 10blk vs. Melbourne
1987 (Westside Melbourne)33pts, 13reb, 10ast vs. Newcastle
1987 (Brisbane)18pts, 14reb, 11ast vs. Geelong
1987, 88 (Adelaide)2 times, vs. Canberra/Hobart
1987 (Newcastle)14pts, 12ast, 10stl vs. Perth
1987 (Newcastle)37pts, 11reb, 11ast vs. Perth
1988 (Westside Melbourne)22pts, 13reb, 11ast vs. Brisbane
1988, 91 (Westside Melbourne, South East Melbourne)2 times, vs. West Sydney/Canberra
1988 (Westside Melbourne)28pts, 11reb, 11ast vs. Eastside Melbourne
1988, 93, 94 (Perth)3 times, vs. Newcastle/Geel/Townsville
1990, 94, 00-01, 02-03 (Perth)4 times, vs. Can/Nth Melb/Wollongong/Sydney
1990 (Geelong)3 times, vs. Illawarra/East. Melb/Nth Melb
1990 (Eastside Melbourne)26pts, 11reb, 10ast vs. Brisbane
1991 (Geelong)26pts, 14reb, 14blk vs. North Melbourne
1991 (Illawarra)27pts, 12reb, 10ast vs. Newcastle
1991 (Illawarra)27pts, 11reb, 15ast vs. Geelong
1991 (Southern Melbourne)23pts, 14reb, 10stl vs. Hobart
1991, 95 (Newcastle)2 times, vs. Melbourne/North Melb.
1992 (Perth)19pts, 13reb, 12ast vs. Brisbane
Season (Team)PlayerExtra Info
1992, 95 (Illawarra)2 times, vs. North Melbourne/Townsville
1992 (Illawarra)38pts, 10reb, 10ast vs. Canberra
1993 (Townsville)22pts, 11reb, 11ast vs. Geelong
1993, 94, 97, 98-99, 99-00, 00-01, 01-02 (SE Mel, Ade, Can, Tow)13 times, vs. too many to list here! (see comments)
1993 (North Melbourne)17pts, 10reb, 11ast vs. Gold Coast
1993 (Sydney)2 times, vs. Melbourne/Hobart
1993 (Townsville)15pts, 13reb, 14ast vs. Newcastle
1994 (Newcastle)15pts, 11reb, 10ast vs. Hobart
1994, 96, 97 (North Melbourne)5 times, vs. New/Tow/Ade/Mel/Canberra
1994 (South East Melbourne)14pts, 10reb, 17ast vs. Canberra
1994, 98, 01-02 (Newcastle, Townsville, West Sydney)3 times, vs. Gold Coast/Sydney/Cairns
1995 (South East Melbourne)15pts, 12reb, 11ast vs. North Melbourne
1995 (Geelong)28pts, 10reb, 10ast vs. Melbourne
1996, 97, 98 (Brisbane)4 times, vs. Wol/Nth Melb/Townsville/Ade
1997, 02-03, 06-07 (Adelaide, Townsville)3 times, vs. North Melbourne/Melbourne/NZ
1998 (Melbourne)20pts, 13reb, 13ast vs. North Melbourne
1998, 99-00, 00-01, 03-04 (SE Melb, Townsville, West Sydney)6 times, Syd/Per/Cairns/Townsville/Wollongong
99-00 (Sydney)21pts, 11reb, 10ast vs. Townsville
00-01, 01-02, 03-04, 06-07 (Wollongong)4 times, vs. Adeladie/Syd/Townsville
02-03 (Townsville)20pts, 13reb, 11ast vs. Townsville
02-03 (Sydney)34pts, 15reb, 11ast vs. West Sydney
03-04, 04-05 (Perth)6 times, WSyd/To/Br/Hun/Vi/Ad (inc. 4 in Feb 2004)
04-05 (Wollongong)2 times, vs. Townsville/Adelaide
06-07 (Perth)30pts, 11reb, 15ast vs. Sydney
06-07 (Townsville)13pts, 12reb, 10ast vs. Singapore
07-08 (Adelaide)25pts, 12reb, 13ast vs. Brisbane
10-11 (Melbourne)12pts, 11reb, 10ast vs. Adelaide
13-14, 14-15, 15-16 (New Zealand)5 times, vs. Melbourne/Adel/Townsville
18-19 (Adelaide)*22pts, 13reb, 10ast vs. Cairns

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