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QUIZ: Can you name the quotes made by Dennis Cometti?

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'A lot of talk these days is about inside players. Well, as we saw there if Simon Black was was any more inside he'd be...' (2)
'Kirk just keeps on running. If you checked you'd probably find...' (3)
'On that occasion he violated the golden rule of kindergarten...' (6)
'Archer is a bully. But he's not a mean bully. He's more a teacher. The kind of guy who'll take your lunch money...' (5)
'Gaspar. The...' (2)
'The Magpies ought to be kicking themselves right now, but with their luck, they'd...' (2)
'I wonder what the team psychologist will make of that. Tuck dropped that mark and immediately shouted out...' (3)
'Cummings alone in the square, jumping up and down and waving his arms like they're playing...' (2)
'Just as Winmar landed, big Salmon came crashing down on top of him. They're slowly getting up and I can report...' (6)Nicky Winmar, Paul Salmon
'What a tackle, the old...' (3)Jason Gram
'A couple of big touches from Clive Waterhouse, who was battling up until about five minutes ago, and in danger of becoming...' (2)
'Look at Long. That's a sweat! Like...' (5)
'Some people might say that was a set play, but if it was the Swans must have copied it off...' (4)
'Liberatore went into that pack optimistically and came out...' (2)
'The Bulldogs are just chipping the ball around. It's like watching...' (4)
Quote (number of words needed)Other Related Players/People in answer
'Cross seems very concerned about his mark. If nothing else, he's got...' (3)
'He might be the best player on the Tigers' list, he certainly gives the impression he thinks so. Mind you, that's a bit like being the best centre half-forward...' (2)
'There is something magnetic about his aura. Paul Roos should be...' (4)
'Hardie decides to have a bounce. Look at him go. Amazing. Not bad for a guy who's built like...' (4)
'Adem Yze. Terrific player, terrible...' (2)
Gerard Healy: 'If you had to have someone kicking at goal for your life, this player, Tarkyn Lockyer would be the man.' Cometti: 'I'd prefer my Mum. Not a great footballer but...'
'Andrew is once again slow to get up, but he more than most must realise...' (2)Andrew Shipp
'Nasty situation. He's caught between...' (6)Anthony Rock
'I can tell you he made his debut in 1992, petrol was 83 cents a litre, Achy Breaky Heart was number one and Michael Jackson...' (3)
'Steve Wallis had no idea Hanna was about to tackle him. It's happened so quickly he's stunned. He's probably thinking he was nabbed by...' (4)
'Barlow to Bateman, the Hawks are attacking... (1)
'There's Denis Pagan, still working to reverse this situation. I think he's on the right track. Two weeks ago the fans were depressed and miserable, today I sense they're more' (3)
'Nobody was near him but Chick simply ran the ball across the goal line. Why? I suppose...' (6)
'Didak has a very low centre of gravity. He's like a fire hydrant, which is great unless...' (4)
'That's more zeros than a...' (2)

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