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Can you name the things from SpongeBob SquarePants that start with each letter of the alphabet (except Z and X)?

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'The ______ Always Greener'A
SpongeBob's hometown: ______ BottomB
The Magic _____C
The Flying ________D
Mr. Krabs' first nameE
The Secret _______F
SpongeBob's pet snailG
'____ Sweet Pineapple'H
'_____ Box'I
_________ FieldsJ
Plankton's wifeK
Goo ______L
'_________ BuffPants'M
'Naughty ________ Neighbors'N
'________ Day'O
Krabby _____P
SpongeBob's superhero alter-ego (From 'Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V')Q
'Sandy's ______'R
Mermaid Man's retirement home: Shady ______S
Sandy's home stateT
'Artist _______'U
'Krusty Krab Training _____'V
'No _______ Allowed'W
'____ Shoe's Untied'Y
Plan _Z

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