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Can you name the Spongebob season 1 episodes by their description?

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Description Episode
The pilot episode
Spongebob uses his 'reef blower' to remove a seashell from his yard
Spongebob meets Sandy Cheeks
Spongebob and Patrick give Squidward bubble blowing lessons
Spongebob keeps ripping his pants for a joke
Spongebob and Patrick take Squidward jellyfishing
Spongebob meets Mr. Krabs' nemesis, Plankton
Squidward tries to ruin Spongebob and Patrick's friendship
Spongebob unwittingly cheats on his boating test
Spongebob and Squidward are tasked with delivering the first Krusty Krab Pizza
Spongebob's pineapple house is eaten by nematodes
Spongebob and Patrick bring their favorite superheroes out of retirement
Spongebob's confidence is ruined by his rival, Bubble Bass
Spongebob is made hall monitor and causes chaos while on patrol
Spongebob brings home a jellyfish
Spongebob and Patrick take Sandy's rocket ship to go alien hunting
Mr. Krabs gives Spongebob a pair of boots, and starts to regret it
Spongebob gives up his possessions to live with the jellyfish
Squidward convinces Spongebob and Patrick to celebrate 'Opposite Day'
The Krusty Krab hosts a talent show
Plankton becomes friends with Spongebob to get the Krabby Patty Formula
Description Episode
Spongebob gets 'Anchor Arms' to look strong
Spongebob and Patrick think Squidward has become a ghost
Spongebob goes to the prom with Mr. Krabs' daughter, Pearl
Spongebob and Squidward both vie for employee of the month at the Krusty Krab
Spongebob is tired of being scared on Halloween
When Spongebob is accidentally injected with snail plasma, he becomes a snail
Squidward travels through time
Mr. Krabs wants Spongebob to give up karate
Spongebob visits his friends dreams
Spongebob gets the 'Suds' and has to go to the doctor
Spongebob has a big Valentines Day surprise for Patrick
Spongebob has fun with a gum wrapper
Mr. Krabs takes Spongebob and Patrick on a treasure hunt
Spongebob and Patrick get off at the wrong bus stop
Sandy is homesick
Plankton tries to make Spongebob more agressive
Squidward plays a cruel April Fool's Day joke on Spongebob and starts to feel guilty
Spongebob competes against King Neptune in a challenge
Spongebob and Patrick play with the fishhooks
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy take Spongebob on patrol with them

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