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Can you name the facts about the last Romanov Grand-Duchesses?

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What was the patronym of all four girls?
What did Marie/Maria get called by her family?
What nickname did Tsar Nicholas II give to his youngest daughter Anastasia?
What was the name of OTMA's little brother?
Who was considered the prettiest of the four Romanov girls?
What year was Olga born?
How old was Anastasia when the Romanovs were assassinated?
What was the name Tatiana's French Bulldog?
Who was Anastasia's godmother?
How many years older than her brother was Marie/Maria?
Which battalion was Olga made commander-in-chief of on 11 July 1909?
What date is Olga's birthday?
What date is Tatiana's birthday?
What date is Marie/Maria's birthday?
What date is Anastasia's birthday?
What did the family call Marie/Maria's large, blue eyes?
What was Anastasia's favourite perfume?
What did Tatiana's younger sisters and brother call her?
What was the name of the girl's French tutor?
What is the name of the city where the girls and their family were murdered in 1918?

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