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Who is the main male character?
Played by who?
Who is the main female character?
Played by who?
What is Ivy's stage name?
What is the name of the man that takes Tripps hostage
What was Tripps going to name his first child?
What is Tripps necklace?
What is Kim's necklace made of?
What is the name of the guy that Kim is cheating with?
What is the name of the business that Tripps sends the package through?
What animal does Kim say The Ricker is?
What color nail polish does Ivy tell the truck driver to get?
Finish the statement: 'I can do this on my own for christ's sakes i'm a man not a ___ ___ ___.'
What food does Tripps order in the restaurant?
What does Ivy say women would rather have wrapped in a napkin than roses?
Where does Ivy say she wants to go after Memphis?
Who bails Tripps and Ivy out of jail?
What color is Ivy's car?
The shirt Tripps got at the dime store, what does it say?

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