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Yeah. Sounds good. We fly here.
I really wanna touch myself
Pump it. Stomp it. Haters just knockin'. All the people know I'm the 2 o'clock. Clock this.
Me and my girlfriend, we ride or die
I don't think you hear me. So take me there. Yeah, I like your everything
Now here I come. I give it to her straight up and down.
Y'all gotta hold it down. So keep it up. Show some of your real skill, real swag
I'm gonna let you go. Shut shut up and let me go
Press down on all fours. Stand up. Fight back. The world it's yours.
See me falling. But yeah I can't be the only one
Tonight's atmosphere is hazy. I enjoy the thrill. It's crazy
But you better know that I'm not giving you away. Will I ever stop waiting? No way. It'll be the same in my world. I'm your boy, you're my girl.
I wanna feel you. We're getting stronger. I wanna listen to you. Cuz I love you so much.
What are you talking about all of the sudden.
I like your move and the curve and the look on the face
Stop stop breaking my heart. I love you girl.
So cold when you do it to me like that. Frostbite but karma's gonna bite back. I can't believe all of the lies, building inside, now I know why.
Crazy hot man party. Shorty drop it low for me. You can keep me company. You look sweet, smell like honey.
In Seoul. To the sky
Yo listen. You want the finer things. I'll give you anything and make your heart sing sweet like a violin
You're not a bad girl.
Haha girl. This is my confession. Drop that beat.
Everybody just goin' like
Dance to the left, to the right. You make me feel alive-live wonderful tonight-night
Man I don't know what to do no more.
Just watch me do this. Take a breath. Hold tight. I'm never going down without a fight.
Careless, careless, shoot anonymous, anonymous. Heartless. Mindless. No one who care about me.
I want a big house, big cars, and big rings
Get it out. Get it out. Get it out.
Don't you wanna kill me?
I'm deep inside of you. I can't get over
You zoom zoom my heart like a rocket
I wanna make your body move. So don't stop baby let your body groove.
Don't deny our r squared pi.
What are you doing? What are you doing?
I'm breaking my rules again
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
I need therapy. Lalalalala therapy.
We're just having fun. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's getting right time
I wanna get me some of that.
We got the flow. It's break your naughty.
Hey hey movin' movin'. Hey hey movin' mountain.
Come and be my dream girl. Right here right now
I'm not a vampire. I'm not a night ghost.
I wanna love you all day. Wanna love you all night. You got me feeling so hot.
We bobbin' to the music music. This song is groovy groovy.
I hear that. Never forget you. I'll find my baby.
You just get to rock to me. Kna mean?
I'm heartsick. Heal me. Be crazy. Can't let you go.
You make me feel alive

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