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Mistress of Darujhistan's Guild of Assassins
Trygalle Trade Guild Navigator and mage
Commander of the Claw and ally to Empress Laseen
Bridgeburner Healer and one of the survivors of Coral
Bonecaster of the Kron T'lan Imass - Possibly the reason for the link between Silverfox and the T'Lan Imass
Eunuch Necromancer
Former Malazan Cadre Mage. Not a toy you'd let your children play with!
The Imperial High Mage of the Malazan Empire
The ultimate 'Shaved Knuckle in the Hole'
Magi of High House Shadow. Owns a donkey.
Letherii slave and amateur opthamologist
Malazan Cadre Mage and lover of Ganoes Paran
Necromancer and employer of Emancipor Reese
Mage living in Darujhistan and friend of Kruppe's
Bridgeburner Mage with a notoriously scummy shirt - a gift from his mother
Tiste Edur mage and brother to Fear, Trull and Rhulad
Ceda to the King of Lether
Became High Mage of Onearm's Host after Paran took over
Ancient Tiste Andii Mage and old friend of the Lord of Darkness
Undead Soletaken Eleint Tiste Edur and original master of the Hounds of Shadow
Forkrul Assail, freed from captivity by Karsa Orlong
Soletaken daughter of Draconus and a Nameless One
Jaghut mage and father of Icarium
Former priest with two magic hands
Jaghut Tyrant and Guardian of an Azath House
High Mage of the Whirlwind and child abuser
Renegade bonecaster and sister to Tool
A child of the Snake with a magic voice
The souls of Tattersail, Nightchill and Bellurdan reborn
Wickan Warlock, one of two twins. She was part of the Chain of Dogs
The other Wickan Warlock twin
His candles just burned too bright *sheds tear*
Malazan High Mage who ascends to become the Dying God
Powerful young Bonehunter mage whose sanity is questionable
Squad mage in the Bonehunters - likes rats
Warlock King of the Tiste Edur
High Mage of the Crimson Guard
Princess of Bolkando and surprising user of Omtose Phellack
Tanno Spiritwalker who wrote a song for the Bridgeburners
Dal Honese shaman with the Bonehunters - tricky to understand
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