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How many songs can you name from Les Misérables?

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'Don't look em in the eye'
'Have you seen how the foreman is fuming today'
'And still I dream he'll come to me'
'Standing up or lying down or any way at all'
'Is there anyone here who will rescue this man?'
'If I stay silent I am damned'
'Cosette, it's past your bedtime'
'My duty's to the law'
'I know a place where no one cries'
'Everybody loves a landlord'
'How do you do, my name's Gavroche?'
'Keeping watch in the night'
'For the army we fight is a dangerous foe'
'There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes'
'I do not even know your name'
'Another day, another destiny'
'And all I see is him and me'
'Shelter me, comfort me'
'Can it be you fear to die?'
'God on high...'
'Vengeance was his and he gave me back my life'
'Fighting for a new world that would rise up like the sun'
'Here they talked of revolution'
'Life is easy pickings if you grab your chance!'
'Do you hear the people sing?'

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