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From where does the Argo depart?
What is the destination of the Argo?
Where is the city from Q2 located today?
What is Jason trying to obtain?
In Jason's first test, what animals are breathing fire?
In Jason's second test, the teeth of what animal must he sow into the ground?
What does Medea use to distract the army of warriors?
In Jason's third test, what does Medea use to help Jason defeat the dragon?
What family member of hers does Medea kill?
What animal does Medea use to trick Pelias' daughters?
After killing Pelias, where do Medea and Jason travel?
Who is the king of Athens?
Who is Jason's bride to be?
Who is Medea's grandfather?
Who is the king of Corinth?
Whom do the chorus represent?
Why does Medea kill her children?
Why is Medea being exiled from Corinth?
What does Medea use to kill Glauce and Creon?
What does Medea offer to the king of Athens in exchange for shelter?
On what does Medea escape?
How does Glauce initially react to Medea's gifts?
What is Jason's reason for marrying Glauce?
What does Medea claim is worse than standing in battle 3 times?
'I am _____ to my friends, _____ to my enemies. To such a life glory belongs.'
'Help your ____ and hurt your ____.'
'By showing _____ I have often been the loser. Even now I know that I am making a mistake.'
‘_________brings no profit to people.’

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