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Can you name the longest flights by time as of 11/24/13?

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Funny HintFlightTime
Shanghai, the largest city in the world!!!14 hours 55 minutes
Going to the big city! Where the lights shine, where the tall buildings are, where there are alot of smokers! Beware!16 hours 05 minutes
I told him that it wasn't that long!! But I still think he'll fall asleep.....14 hours 00 minutes
Just need to make 1 stop!14 hours 55 minutes
From the world's largest airport to a regarded stopover destination.15 hours 45 minutes
So tell me, how many times will I travel on a plane only 1.5 hours shorter than the #1 flight?15 hours 35 minutes
Oppa gangnam style! Eeh **** lady! Op op op op oppa gangnam style!14 hours 50 minutes
Gonna go to Houston! Da dun duh da!16 hours 20 minutes
Okay, maybe I'll take a little nap...*wakes up by landing time*16 hours 35 minutes
Wee! My back! Wait why am I acting like I have back problems........16 hours 20 minutes
It's official. I spent almost 3 quarters of the day on a plane.16 hours 55 minutes
I wanna Moscow over to the warm warm south!14 hours 08 minutes
From the kangaroos to the middle of the world!15 hours 00 minutes
From the cowboys to the kangaroos it's just one long flight ahead of ya! Yee haw!15 hours 25 minutes
G5 dealer, Toronto to Taiwan! Wait that's not the right lyric.......15 hours 30 minutes
Funny HintFlightTime
A world record!!!! For an Indian airline.........14 hours 00 minutes
From the Indira Ghandi Airport.......westbound!15 hours 00 minutes
The kangaroos await!!! I'll finally give the kangaroo that pumpkin that I carved for him!15 hours 50 minutes
Well I'm going to the country within the country! Awesomesauce!!!16 hours 05 minutes
Well it's shorter than going from New York so I'm even happier!!15 hours 50 minutes
Hong Kong, is just a 15 hour flight away! Actually longer.......15 hours 30 minutes
Bye Bye Bombay! I'll see you in a million hours!!!15 hours 55 minutes
From the capital of America to the largest metropolis in the world!14 hours 05 minutes
I'm stopping so I can closer to Rio....15 hours 35 minutes
Well I now know it's too much chaos just to board a long flight from the Chi!15 hours 25 minutes
Not as long as Hong Kong or New Delhi, but I still want a nap!14 hours 30 minutes
G5 dealer US to Taiwan! That's the right lyric!15 hours 00 minutes
Well it'll be all worth it when I meet the celebrities!16 hours 30 minutes
Take me to the pyramids! Take me there right now now now!!!14 hours 20 minutes
Well I gonna meet some cowboys! But first I gotta go on such a long flight.....16 hours 20 minutes

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