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General locatoinBonehint
SkullGood for head-butting
SkullCurved superior bone of the skull
SkullSquamous, tympanic, mastoid, petrous
SkullProtects the parietal lobe
SkullControls chewing food
ThroatDis-articulated bone
Should GirdleAKA collar bone
Shoulder GirdleBeneath upper chest
ThoraxMedial to pectoral muscles, inferior to neck
Thorax24 of them, true and false
Vertebral ColumnC1-C7
Vertebral ColumnL1-L5
General locatoinBonehint
Vertebral ColumnT1-T12
ArmsBrachial Region
ArmsAntibrachial region, more medial bone
ArmsAntibrachial Region, more lateral bone
HandsMost proximal bones of the fingers
HandsMost distal bones of the hand
PelvisHip bone
PelvisTail Bone
LegsSmaller bone of the calf
FeetThe largest bone in the foot

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