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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to the Wizards Of Waverly Place Trivia?

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What does the con-man and Alex call the Pomeranian?Small poofy animal with accessory.
What was Justin's original 'Plan-B' before he joined Alex's band?Typical Justin.
What is Alex's natural talent that she's remarkable at?Sorry, no hint.
What is the name of Harper and Zeke's science fair project?Stitching machine.
Where does Alex usually hide her wand?Clothing/Accessory.
What is the most gut-wrenching cd that the band 'Ughh' has?Pretty ironic.
What does Max call 'Falling garbage and dirty laundry'?Typical Max.
What is one of the jobs that Flo has?I can only think of 3 for now. Flo is the character that seems gloomy all the time.
Complete this line: 'Well step outside, you'll be-'Bacterial combat.
Instead of being an actual 'Helping Hand', what will it be sold as?Itching tool.

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