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What did Woody give Addison as gifts for their fake marriage assignment?Tasty accesories.
When crossing into the Bermuda Triangle, what was Zack and Cody's wish's result?3 different answers. Can't think of another hint, sorry. :(
What is Esteban's full name?E.J.R.M.D.L.R.R.
What is the name that Zack and Cody call Agent Smith the most?A street/gangsta type name.
At the Sherlock Holmes Museum, what did Cody buy for Bailey?All I can say is that it's pretty disturbing. e_0
In an attempt to impress London, what was the first thing Max took out of his magic bag?Sporting tool.
When Alyssa was beating up the waitor, what did Baily call her?2 answers for this. Either an animal with problems or 'Opposite of happy-Switch 2 letters in Angle.
Complete the Quote: 'Oh no! Instead of recording their beautiful whale songs, I'll be recording-Ship part meets body part.
What is the name of the screw that Mr. Moesby needed for his Hagaboda nightstand?Synonym for Meanie, but different pronounciation.
What was Cody's synonym for 'perfect'?Girlfriend.

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