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In anime, what Pokemon is Rival seen with?Royalty
What Pokemon does Rival supposedly steal from boy at Cianwood?Match
Whatever you do, don't say she has Dragon Breath!!! Reluctant
True or False: Red=AshNone. Guess yourself. :P
True or False: Rival Has Change of Heart?None. Guess yourself. :P
How many Miltank does Moo Moo Farm have? (Including sick)None. Guess yourself. :P
Who took over the Gym for his father?First
What is in the trash can at Prof. Elm's Lab?Yum!
During Team Rocket's Radio Tower TakeOver, what is Buena's Password?None. Guess yourself. :P
Despite being able to name your rival whatever you want, his real name is-?Color
What is your rival's name before you name him?None. Guess yourself. :P
Finish the quote: 'You beat Team Rocket?-'Unbelieving
What does Misty call you when you interrupt her when she's with a boy? (Unfortunately for PokeShippers, he's not Ash. ); )None. Guess yourself. :P
What Pokemon Type does Rival have most of?None. Guess yourself. :P
Who comes when you beat Lance?Talk-Show
Beating her allows you to get the SquirtBottle.Crybaby
What is the mascot of Crystal?Aurora
Which came first: Radio Tower Take Over or Mahogany Hideout?None. Guess yourself. :P
Prize for winning Bug-Catching Contest at National Park.Evolution
The Battle Tower is located West of-?Lighthouse
What Trainer becomes an absolute fan of yours?Voltorb
What Gym Leader discovered Fury Cutter?Azelea
What is Lance's signature Pokemon?None. Guess yourself. :P
What is Lighthouse Pokemon's name?Species-Related
Hatches from first egg.Happy

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