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Can you name the Bakugan character I'm thinking of by looking at their pointer?

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Awesome royalty that is a great martial artist.
That psycotic pirate?! Are you kidding?!
Not that tyrant!!! D8
Used to be Number 2.
The oldest character of the season.
Stubborn, cocky, burning, need I go on?
Has a pony-tail and Guardian has long red hair.
Love him and has same surname as another character.
Love him and he had a tear-jerking change... Well, it made me cry!
He creeps me out too much! (Desceased)
Crushed the heats of many fans when he lost his signature appearance! :'(
That evil witch?! I DON'T THINK SO! X_X (Desceased)
That Shadow Prove Part 2!
Guardian has multiple heads.
Shortest character in the entire series! I swear! He can't grow even if you paid him!
I absolutely adore this book loving actor! ^_^ He's my ultimate crush! ♥♥♥
Impulsive and buff. ... Not impressed.

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