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Rickettsia prowasekii causes the epidemic form of this disease spread primarily by lice. Epidemics are often linked to war, including Napoleon's retreat from Moscow.
Spread by a retrovirus, this disease was originally known by the acronym GRID. About two thirds of cases are found in sub-Saharan Africa.
Known as a seasonal disease, this viral infection also causes periodic pandemics, notably one probably originating in Kansas or France rather than Spain.
Septicemic, bubonic, and pneumonic are the major subtypes of this bacterial zoonosis known for three massive pandemics: 541-542, 1347-1351, and 1855-1959.
Symptomatic treatment with oral or IV rehydration therapy can usually treat this intenstinal disase which had recent outbreaks in Yemen and Haiti.
Mary Mallon was an assymptomatic carrier of this disease which still caused 149,000 deaths worldwide in 2015.
Estimated to have killed the majority of the people of the Americas following European content, this disease is currently eradicated in the wild due vaccination.
Vaccination has dramatically reduced deaths from this childhood disease with a flat rash and high fever. The virus is believed to have evolved from the cattle disease Rinderpest.
Still on track for global eradication despite setbacks, this disease is known for its paralytic form. The iconic Iron Lung allowed patients with respiratory paralysis to breathe.
A mosquito borne protazoan rather than a virus or bacterium causes this disease with hundreds of millions of new cases per year.
Black vomit and jaundice are symptoms found in serious cases of this mosquito borne disease which caused George Washington to leave Philadelphia in 1793.
Vaccination has greatly reduced deaths from this bacterial disease which killed 13-15,000 per year in 1920's America, mostly children. Some were saved by sled dogs.

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