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QuestionAnswerPossible answers
How many holes are in a polo?1, 2, 3, or 4
Can a match box?Yes, No, Yes one beat Mike Tyson, or No but a tin can
.sdrawkcabnoitseuqsihtrewsnaKo, what?, i dont understand, tennis elbow
Type the answerOut of order, Out of order, Out of order, Out of order,
Onion28, carrot, shallots, pi
The answer is really bigANSWER, really big, infinity, an elephant
Choose foodHand, Eyeball, Dentures, Chair, Pen
What follows december 2nd?December 2rd, n, a ? mark, 142 dwarves
What sound does a bell make?Whoop, F'taang, Froon, Blip-Blop-Bloop- etc.
What can you put in a bucket to make it lighter?Gypsies, Torch, A hole, Canned Laughter
QuestionAnswerPossible answers
Neigh! Whinny!
24-718, 2, 16.931, Walrus
Deal or no Deal?Deal!, No deal!, Seal!, No seal!
Save changes to untitled?Yes, No, Cancel, Bran
How do you kill a werewolf?Shoe Polish, Gravy Granules, Black pudding, Cillit bang
What flavor is cardboard?Honey, Pork Scratchings, Egg Mayonnaise, Talc
How many letters in his hand?7, 8, 9, 10
What do you call a wingless fly?A flap, a walk, a plum, Jason
Mary Rose sat on a pinO RLY?, Mary rose, burst her piles, ahahahaaha!
Which is the correct spelling?Slap-Me-Do, Slapp-Me-Do, Spapp-Me-Do, Splapp-Me-Do

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