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Can you name the answers about the movie American Psycho?

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How old is Patrick Bateman?
What is his job?
Huey Lewis and the News' most accomplished work?
Where would Ivana Trump never eat?
Inside Lydia's ___?
Where does he live?
What's in Patrick's fridge?
'Don't touch the ____'
Prostitute #1?
Prostitute #2?
Name one thing Patrick uses in the shower.
A weapon Patrick handles throughout the film?
Why won't Patrick quit his job?
What does Patrick watch while he works out?
When is the film set?
Who was into that whole Yale Thing?
Why did Patrick suspect this?
Where does Patrick tan?
Homeless man's name?
Why are there copies of the style section all over the place?
Who 'cross-examines' Patrick at work?
'I have a lunch meeting with _____ _____ at the Four Seasons in 20 minutes.'
Who directed American Psycho
In what year was the movie released?
'There are no girls with ___ ______.'
What do Patrick and Bryce do in the club bathroom?
The name of Ted Bundy's first dog? (Hint: a collie, have you heard this?)
Patrick's most frequent excuse?
'Duct tape, I need it for, uh... _____ _____.'
Maitre D' at the Canal Bar?
The film's tagline?
What is written on Patrick's wall?
What is Patrick wearing when he chases Christie through the hallway?
What does the ATM demand of Patrick?
According to Patrick, Luis Carruthers is a tumbling, tumbling ____?
Patrick's thoughts of 'Oh Africe, Brave Africa'?
What does Patrick like to do?
What stained Pat's sheets?
Marital status of Patrick's parents?
Color and font of Patrick's business card?

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