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No wire hangers, ever!
You killed the car.
I wanna live again!
Show me the money!
At least I'm housebroken.
What's the secret, Max?
Lick My Love Pump.
Baby wants to f**k!
Laurie, what's the boogeyman?
Coffee's for closers only.
Soylent Green is PEOPLE!
Meet me... in Montauk...
I love them redheads!
Elementary, my dear Watson
I... drink... your... milkshake!
This chick is toast!
That's Cosmo... he's Chinese.
What about Room 237?
You make me puke.
Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie!
Go f**k yourself, Hans.
You talkin' to me?
I'm no longer constipated.
Where is pancakes house?
I am Mrs. Nesbitt!
Bring out the Gimp.
I'll swallow your soul!
You're a gutless turd.
Now... where was I?
I see dead people.

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