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Forced Order
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What was the date that Oceanic flight 815 left Sydney?(MM-DD-YYYY)
What was the name of the woman who drowned a few days after the crash?
Who did Vincent awake after the crash?
Ethan's last name?
Whose idea was it to build a raft?
How many people could fit on the raft?
Michael got the poisoned water bottle, but it was meant for....
What did Jin attack Michael over? (one word answer)
Who did everyone THINK the prisoner was?
Who was REALLY the prisoner?
Who said the monster made a familiar sound?
What of Walt's did Michael throw into the fire?
What happened to the first raft?
How old is Walt?
Which survivor has asthma?
Who died during Aaron's birth?
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What is Jack's blood type?
What did Charlie leave in the bathroom as the plane was going down?
What did Kate want out of the Marshal's brief case?
Who attempted to put the Marshal out of his misery?
Who ultimately put the Marshal out of his misery?
What was John Locke's favorite board game as a kid?
Locke's fathers real name?
What killed Arzt?
Who warned the survivors that the Others were coming?
Whose picture does Sayid carry around?
Sayid's job in the Republican Guard?
What was Locke pursuing in Sydney?
What does Hurley strongly believe his lottery winnings placed on him?
What does Shannon nickname the caves?
Who clubbed Sayid in the back of the head while he was triangulating the distress call?
QuestionAnswerExtra info
What is Boone to Shannon?
Who gave Shannon eucalyptus to help her asthma?
What did the guys on the boat want from the survivors on the raft?
What kind of 'man' is Sawyer?
What was Arzt's job in the real world?
What instrument does Charlie play for Drive Shaft?
What did Sayid put in Charlie's wound from one of Rousseau's traps?
What did Rousseau accuse Sayid of being?
Who drugged Boone?
Who did Boone see die during his trip?
Name one person who hiked back up to the cockpit in the first episode
What does Charlie have a pathological fear of?
Who did Ethan sneak medicine to in the middle of the night?
What did Sawyer believe was terrorizing him?
What were John and Jack looking into in the last sequence of season 1?

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