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A: The youngest Stark girl?
B: Littlefinger's surname?
C: Wildling's nickname for Night's Watchmen?
D: Stark sigil?
E: Continent where Daenerys story takes place?
F: Another word for 'peel skin off'?
G: This family's sigil is a Kraken.
H: King Robert made Ned his:
I: What everyone wants to sit upon?
J: Name of the man who's aided Daenerys since season 1?
K: Daenerys' title as queen of the Dothraki?
L: Person who killed Jon Arryn?
M: What Lisa Arryn uses to make bad men fly?
N: The name of Arya's dire wolf?
O: This person wanted revenge for his sister's rape/death by the Mountain?
P: Name of the Greyjoy castle?
Q: The 'Garden of Bones' surrounds what city?
R: Bran dreams of a three-eyed one of these?
S: The Hound's first name?
T: Lord of House Lannister?
U: Warriors that Daenerys freed from Astapor?
V: Targaryen who got his golden crown from Khal Drogo?
W: The continent in which the 7 kingdoms are located?
X: Powerful, black merchant who tried to woo Daenerys?
Y: Jon Snow's love interest in seasons 3-4?
Z: What White Walker's are?

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