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The last name of the actress who portrays Rachel?
Name of the man who Rachel left at the alter?
The name of the coffee house?
Joey and Chandler had a pet chick and a pet ____.
The name of Joey's agent?
The language that Phoebe tried to teach Joey.
Who was the manager at the coffee house?
The very first word Ross says in the show?
The country in which Paolo was from?
The first name of Monica and Ross' father?
What was the fake name that Joey would give out?
What city did Ross and Rachel get married in?
The old man who used to live below Monica's apartment?
The state in which the show takes place?
What was Richard's (Monica's old boyfriend) profession?
What did Rachel teach Ben that Ross didn't approve of?
Everyone seems to think that Chandler is _____.
Rachel moved into Monica's apartment. This made them what?
In order to have kids, Frank needed Phoebe to be his _________.
The occasion in which Monica accidentally cut off Chandler's toe?
What they called the nude man in the apartment across the street?
What is the name of the fake ex-boyfriend Ross told Mike about?
Ross' defense for cheating on Rachel? (5 word answer))
Monica had to get one of these after letting Ross squeeze her hand while receiving a shot.
Where did Chandler tell Janice that he was moving to?
Rachel's boss' last name at Ralph Lauren?

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