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Can you name the Undertale Bosses by Description?

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Knows best for you.
The easiest enemy. Can only deal 1 damage.
He likes to say: 'Nyeh heh heh!'
The heroine that NEVER gives up.
His metal body renders him invulnerable to attack.
His weak point is his heart-shaped core.
Dr. Alphys's greatest invention.
Heroine reformed by her own DETERMINATION to save Earth.
Looks like free EXP.
The absolute GOD of Hyperdeath!
This monster doesn't seem to have a sense of humor...
Easily excited by movement. Hobbies include: squirrels.
Husband of Dogaressa. Knows only what he smells.
This puppy finds her hubby lovely. SMELLS ONLY?
Refuses to give more details about its statistics.
Itss so excited that it thinks fighting is just play.
Because they're a ghost, physical attacks will fail.
Royal Guard member with shining, polished armor.
Royal Guard member with stuffy armor.
If she invites you to her parlor, excuse yourself.
This creature is definitely in the wrong time and space!
No data available.
This relentless future finally looks brighter and brighter.
It's unclear how many dogs this counts as.
Seems like its losing itself.
Wipe that smile off your face.

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