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Forced Order
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A drug or device that causes abortion
A Voluntary restraint (in this context not to have sex)
Selfless love, as taught by Jesus
A declaration a marriage was never proper in the eyes of the Church
Remaining unmarried and not having intercourse (usually because of a religious vow)
A legally recognised union between same-sex couples
To live together without being formally married
When the egg and sperm first join together to form the embryo
The completion of marriage by sexual intercourse
Natural or artificial means to reduce the liklihood of pregnancy
The legal termination of marriage
the condition of being the same value and importance as something/one else
The nuclear family and their blood relatives
A social unit living together
Sexual relationships outside of marriage
Sexual attraction to people of the opposite gender
Sexual attraction to people of the same gender
The legal joining of a man and woman for life
A family consisting of only the parents and their children
Becoming a clergy in order to perform religious rites
The prophecised second coming of Jesus Christ
The joining of two adults who've had previous relationships and children from them, forming a new family
To marry again after divorce
An outward, physical sign of inward, invisible grace. Eg. Baptism, marriage
A family where just one parent brings up the child(ren)
The promises made by the bride and groom at the wedding ceremony
Someone who believes it is impossible to know if God exists or not
Political system in South Africa from 1948-90's that gave privileges to those of European origin
Someone who believes God does not exist
The belief Jesus' death brought about the reconciliation between God and Humanity
Refusing to have any relation with someone/thing based on something they have done
The declaration of something you have done and asking for God's forgiveness
To change someone's belief
The different types of churches within Christianity
Unfair treatment of one person or group
The sense of universal belonging in the Church
Christians who believe they should convert others to Christianity
The spreading of teachings in order to convert people to Christianity
People who believe their religion is the one true religion and all other religions are wrong
The act of pardoning someone for something they have done wrong
Generaly used to describe the genocide of ~ 6 million Jews in WW2
People who believe their religion is the one true religion but other religions have some parts which may enable the believers to be saved by God
On-going debate between religions
People who are sent to another country by the church to spread its faith and do social/medical work
To mistreat an individual or group through time
People who believe all religions are equally valid to God
A preconcieved idea about a person/group based on skin colour/race/religion/gender etc.
A declaration of dissent against something/one. Can be done verbally, legibally, or physically
The ending of conflict between conflicting people or groups
To regret having done the wrong thing
Wordly, not religious
Discriminatory or abusive behaviour towards members of the opposite sex
The buying and selling of people for use as slaves
Someone who believes God exists
The sacred book of Christianity
The scientific theory for the creation of the universe
The moral sense of right and wrong which affects our behaviour
Argument for the existance of God, that the universe MUST have had a first cause, the most likely explanation of which is God
Existing through all time
A Christian sacrament that commemorates the Last Supper
Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection and survival of the fittest
The reason behind the existance of everything
The transcendent creator
God's spirit which is immanent but impersonal
Jesus who is immanent and personal
A theory which says life is so complex it must have a designer
A supernatural event or act which Christians believe has been cause by God
People who believe in one God
Argument for the existence of God which claims God must exists because we have a conscience
A story which is not factually true, but has important spiritual truths
A being which must exist because it cannot not exist
All loving
All powerful
Present everywhere
All knowing
Argument for the existence which relies on logica and words rather than observation of the world
People who believe there is more than one God
The title of Jesus of Nazareth because he brought about atonement
Beyond the powers of nature
Argument for the existance of God which claims there is too much evidence of design for it to have come about by chance. Also known as the design argument
The belief God is one but made out of three 'persons'
An evil supernatural being, a force opposite to God
Something which is seen as morally bad, uncaring or cruel
The trem used to refer to Adam and eve's disobedience of God
Human ability to choose their actions
A place of eternal happiness - God's dwelling place
a place of eternal suffering - Lucifer's dwelling place
On the Day of Judgement, God will choose who goes to Heaven, and who goes to Hell
Evil and suffering made by Humans chosing to do wrong
Human sin that is in everyone because of the Fall
Deliverance from sin
Special and Holy
Something that is offered or given up (usually to God)
The state of being saced from spiritual death by God
When a foetus is expelled from the mother's womb before the end of pregnancy
When action is taken to bring a life to an end
Artificial Insemination. Sperm is collected and artificially placed in the uterus
Artificial insemination by donor (sperm)
Against animal testing
When someone asks for help to end their life
The making of a genetically identical animal or plant from another
Roman Catholic doctrine that says if something good has a bad effect, it is ok if the bad effect was not intended
The first collection of cells that develop in the womb when a woman becomes pregnant
A gentle or easy death, helping a terminally ill person to die
Medical treatment given to help couple overcome infertility
In vitro fertilisation; the egg and sperm of the parents are brought together in a test tube
When a decision is made to stop giving a dying person treatment, even though death is a result
Being for abortion
Being against abortion
A phrase used to refer to a persons total wellbeing
The belief life is sacred because it was given by God
The act of deliberatly killing yourself
An organisation set up in 1953 which provides support to anyone in distress or suicidal

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