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Quiz Updated Feb 14, 2012

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HaikuBook titleAuthor
Leaves abusive aunt / governess in a manor / wife in the attic?
O my brothers, droogs / brainwashed, Beethoven ruined / ultraviolence
Stuck in asylum / Big Nurse versus a cowboy / who's bull goose loony?
Flunked out of his school / wandering around New York / tired of phonies
Russian murderer / psychological thriller / haunted by the deed
Delusional man / partner rides on a donkey / terrorist windmills
Child war prodigy / chosen to defeat Buggers / mournful xenocide
Fogey is haunted / his bitterness shown to him / happy holidays
Revolt: two legs bad / Success: enact five year plan / Conclude: two legs good?
Lawyer and father / prejudice in the courthouse / hero of Maycomb
Preacher in pursuit / son lost in Johannesburg / apartheid era
Crashed on an island / A boyish power struggle / Who has the conch shell?
Bomber dislikes war / not quite jaundiced so no luck / chocolate cotton
Victim of malice / finds an enormous treasure / exacts cold revenge
Man makes a monster / family is terrorized / pressured to make wife
Forever youthful / ages vicariously / tries hedonism
Laboratory babes / Soma calms fears after Ford / Malthusian drills
Pilgrim is unstuck / millions die in conflict / bird says, 'Poo tee weet?'

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