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DefinitionNewspeak WordExtra Definition
vaporized personperson that the Party got rid of
English Societyabbreviation
thoughtcrimethinking bad of the Party
believing two contrasting thoughtsbase word is think
worstbase word is ungood
bestbase word is good
Ministry of Lovehandles criminals
Ministry of Peacehandles war affairs
Ministry of Truthhandles news, flow of information, etc.
Ministry of Plentyhandles money affairs
DefinitionNewspeak WordExtra Definition
Thought Policepolice who patrol you thoughts
speaking without thinkingquacking out random thoughts
liking to have private timeenjoying solitude
forms of sex acceptable by the Party
forms of sex not acceptable by the Party
television/security system
device used to write by speakingspeak into a microphone
submit to higher authoritycompound word
forced labor campsarcastic name
Big Brotherabbreviation

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