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Can you name the alternative band through a description of their album cover??

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Album DescriptionBandAlbum
An Atlas beetle posing in front of a white background
A red sofa in a field with trees behind
A brown bear being given a piggy-back by a man in a bear costume
Looking up at a tall skyscraper, on graph paper
A well-dressed couple, sitting on a rock, with a sheet wrapped around both their heads
A watercolour painting of a woman pleasuring herself
A child hiding from two men on a doorstep with scary masks on
A Mother and child with a red umbrella, standing on steps, looking at a city hit by a tsunami
A view of the tail section of a Zeppelin
A stencil of a blackbird
Album DescriptionBandAlbum
A black, white and red drawing of the Statue of Liberty rising out of the sea
A smashing lightbulb and negative of the human skull
A man looking up to the sky with shadows of men with arms wide all around him
A Cartoon of a woman who has been shot, with the shadow of a man leering over her
A showdown between two girls in short skirts, one with a flick-knife
A crouching man doing some spray-painting, with a mask on
A half naked man in jeans embracing a spirit
A close up of a fridge ice tray
A man about to enter a lit telephone box late at night
A monk on fire

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