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Arthur Curry
'God of War'
Ryan Choi
'Leader of the Red Lanterns'
'Broke the Bat'
Barbara Gordon
Bruce Wayne
Dinah Lance
Jefferson Pierce
David Hyde
Jaime Reyes
'Extraterrestrial Android'
Reverse Superman
Selina Kyle
Leonard Snart
Barbara Ann Minerva
Victor Stone
Floyd Lawton
Slade Wilson
Kent Nelson
'Killed Superman''
June Moone
Jason Rusch/Martin Stein
Barry Allen
Oliver Queen
Hal Jordan
John Stewart
''Evil Cyborg''
''Telepathic Gorilla'
Harleen Quinzel
Shiera Hall
Anung un Rama
'1st Flash'
'Clown Prince of Crime'
Louise Lincon
'Superman's Archenemy'
'Interstellar Bounty Hunter'
J'onn J'onzz
Victor Fries
Dick Grayson
'They Love Pizza'
Pamela Isley
Karen Starr
'God of Thunder'
Rachel Roth
Jason Todd
Eobard Thawne
Damian Wayne
Jonathan Crane
''Undead Ninja''
Billy Batson
'Leader of the Yellow Lanterns''
Cyrus Gold
''Ice Ninja''
Kara Zor-El
Protector of the Green
Mari Jiwe McCabe
Diana Prince
'Daughter of Zatara'
'Kryptonian General'

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