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Can you name the Magic The Gathering Modern Archetypes?

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Colors, Deck Type and One Main CardAnswer
White-Blue, Combo, Faith's Reward
Red-Black-Green, Aggro, Liliana of the Veil
Red-Blue or Red-Blue-Green, Aggro, Delver of Secrets
Red-Blue-Green, Combo, Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
Red-Green-White or White-Green-Black, Combo/Aggro, Kitchen Finks
Green, Combo, Summoner's Pact
Green-White-Red or All colors, Combo, Ravnica block bouncelands
Red-Blue-Green or Blue-Green-Black, Combo/Control, Gifts Ungiven
Green-White, Aggro/Control, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
Colorless or White or All colors, Aggro, Arcbound Ravager
Colors, Deck Type and One Main CardAnswer
Red-Black-Green-White, Combo/Aggro, Violent Outburst
Red-Blue or Red-Blue-Green, Combo, Pestermite
Blue-White-Red, Control, Snapcaster Mage
Black or Black-Red, Control, The Rack
White or White-Green, Aggro, Soul Warden
Red or Blue-Red, Combo, Pyromancer Ascension
Blue or Blue-White or Red-Green, Combo/Control, Urza's Mine
White-Green, Aggro, Daybreak Coronet
Red, Aggro, Goblin Guide
Blue, Aggro, Lord of Atlantis

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