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Can you name the Christmas songs by their verbose lyrics?

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LyricsSong Name
The mother of one of my parents fatally collided with an arctic deer
Rhythymically encircling the circumfrence of the decorated coniferous evergreen
(Name) is an arctic deer with a nasal irriation presumably from the cold weather
Happiness to the third plant from the sun in the Solar System!
Gray, metallic percussion ringer
On the premier day of Jesus Christ's birth my fiancee unveiled to me: A small bird in a fruit-bearing sapling
Traversing in a paradise appropriate to the season
The climate of the outdoors is horrifying to some in contrast with the hearth of the indoor fireplace
There once was compatced snow in the shape of a human named after frozen dew
I advise that you be aware of your surroundings, I advise that you do not expel water from your organs used for vision
LyricsSong Name
The favorite instance on the calender of some is occuring currently
Zooming through crystallized water in an equestrian powered carraige without a roof
The one gift that I would choose to receive for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ is you
The preliminary thought in my mind is that the current state of the world is similar to the way it looks in late December
My sleeping mind has been craving a snowfall on the birthday of Jesus Christ
The current meteorological state is enjoyable to travel upon a toboggan accompanied by you
There is an absence of sound in the nocturnal hours, a hallowed evening
Fill the corridors with an overabundance of the evergreen plants of the Ilex genus
A fat, bearded man is coming soon and he will pass on a street named in his honor
I would like you to have a joyful celebration of the birth of Christ from the lower region of my blood-pumping organ

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