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The main character, Pip, is a child who is so deviod of a brain it made me want to scream while Joe, the only good character in the book, no-matter how many times let down by Pip s
Much loved by stupid American academic lefties, it has no merit - very childish. Then, silly me, there is a black man involved therefore, it must be good.
'The plot is, there is no plot. It's a snippet from a teenage boy's life, and he used the book to moan and complain about how much he hates pretty much everything.'
And is war really that funny? There were millions of brave people that lost their lives and this book sticks two fingers up at them by concentrating on a group of cowards that have
'This book is terrible, I mean, I know it was written like ages ago like in the 50's when movies were all about giants ants and stuff, but none of the animals on this farm were eve
'this book was stuff and nonsense! I mean what was up with Heathcliff and how could fair Cathy fall for a weirdo like him?'
'The only people who should read this book are people who belong to so called ' intelectual' parties, or people who have commited terrible crimes - it can replace death as ' The Ca
'answer me this- can you read a book where the author describes a twig for 5 pages ???if no dont bother .if the answer is yes then enjoy.'
'I have to say I found it utterly revolting. Let's be perfectly straight about the plot. It is about a middle-aged man who lusts after young girls (a paedophile, in other words) an
'Childrens crusade? HA! Childrens book more like!'

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